Consultation before therapy

"Can I speak to Dr. Green?"

Her soft voice was so quiet and it was hard to understand what she was saying.

"This is Dr. Green," I replied. "I can hardly hear you."

"My name is Eva, and I wanted to see you, but I want you to know that I don't need therapy, so don't try to convince me about it. I just need a consultation, something that will make me understand why I do need psychotherapy. Have I made myself clear?"  Now her voice became a little louder.

"I think you did," I replied. "It is not easy to decide to start therapy and it has to be considered seriously. I would be glad to consult with you about this question. Why did you decide to call me?"

"Because my daughter read a book you wrote about a little psychologists who can read minds, under the title The Little Mind Reader. In that book you wrote that it is not enough to read minds, but that you also need to understand what you read. I liked it, and I thought that you could help me understand what I need."

It was the first time that a client was referred to my by a fictional character from one of my children's books. She came to me a week later, and then came for another four single sessions that helped her understand that she did not really need psychotherapy. Actually, my consultation served her as short-term therapy, which enabled her to gain insight into herself, rearrange her thoughts and cope with temporary confusion.

(An excerpt from Dror Green, Psychotherapy: A consumer's guide)

I believe that clients need supervision no less than psychotherapists. It can help them become aware of their emotional process before deciding to start therapy, identify their difficulties and find the appropriate therapist.

Consultation and supervision before starting therapy constitute a kind of preliminary workshop for clients who are considering starting therapy, while focusing on the special needs of the client.

Sometimes such consultation or supervision may take the form of short-term psychotherapy or even a single therapeutic session.

Consultation before therapy is an innovative idea in psychotherapeutic circles, and this explains why therapists never offer such an option to new clients. psychom can give you the opportunity to consult with me before deciding to start therapy, helping you to formulate your thoughts and find the appropriate therapeutic approach and the right therapist.

                                                                Good luck,

                                                                              Dr. Dror Green