How much does it cost?

A single consultation with a psychotherapist, as is the case with a lawyer or a financial adviser, is much more expensive than ongoing therapy. A single online consultation is also more expensive than a series of sessions, and it onvolves the opening of apassword protected online clinic where the session will be held.

Actually, online consultation can saves you the time of driving to visit an expert who does not live in your neighborhood, finding the correct address and waiting for the exact time of the appointment. I have chosen to live in nature, far from the city center, and people find it easier to consult with me through the online clinic. The video-chat is the perfect solution for a single consultation, since it enables the client to prepare a written text that can form the basis of a discussion through video-chat, after which I can write my impressions.

The fee for a single consultation (50 minutes) is 120 Euro.

At the completion of the session, the online clinic and all its contents will be deleted. You can choose to maintain the online clinic for a while, and if you do so it will be possible to meet me again at the same online clinic.

The yearly fee for keeping the online clinic is 20 Euro.

For a single consultation please contact me at drorgreen@gmail.som

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the online clinic,

                                                                  Dr. Dror Green