Consultation for couples

"One day I found myself living with a stranger," said Ronna. "No, I wasn't surprised, but I was embarrassed. How could I have lived with him for ten years without noticing that we had no common language at all? Was I completely blind?"

Ronna's story didn't surprise me. Many clients, in their forties, tell me similar stories. I also hear such anecdotes from my friends. Couples' relationships plays a central role in our lives and have a strong impact on our emotonal lives. Singles have to cope with the lack of such relationships, while couples have to cope with difficulties arising from such relationships raise.

(An excerpt from Dror Green, Psychotherapy: A consumer's guide)

Difficulties in couples' relationships are not rare. On the contrary, they lead to crisis by their very nature, and require daily maintenance to preserve them. Surprisingly, very few couples are willing to invest the same energh in maintaining their relationship that they invested in creating it. Like Ronna, they belatedly discover the results of their neglect.

The marital system creates difficulties in various areas: division of labor, financial responsibilities, child care, sexual interactions, contact with others, personal development, health, aging, loyalty and more. These difficulties are created almost daily, but they are usually ignored until crisis forces the couple to cope with them.

Not all couples need psychotherapy, but identifying difficulties at the early stages might prevent crises that might endanger the relationship. I can help you identify the source of difficulty in your relationships, and suggest ways to cope with them, thus improving the situation. 

Dr. Dror Green