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Diploma in online therapy


Program Director: Dror Green, Ph.D


Online psychotherapy has become a legitimate branch of psychotherapy, recognized by professional unions and accepted by a new generation of online clients. 

Many therapists have their own websites and integrate online communication with their clients, but most of them have no professional knowledge about this new field, since there are only two or three short courses that provide elementary training in online therapy. 

Although online psychotherapy has grown rapidly, there has been no significant development in the last 17 years. Less than ten books about online therapy were published, and they all regard email communication and chat-room as the main settings for online theray. 

Dr. Dror Green was one of the pioneers in online therapy, and he practices it since 1999. He dedicated his Ph.D research to online therapy and defined the unique characteristics of this new approach to therapeutic relationship. In his research he reviewed hundreds of website, and found that most therapists are doing online therapy through email exchange. Lately therapists started to use Skype for online interaction with their clients. 

Email therapy, chat-room therapy or Skype therapy have significant limitations and disadvantages, compared to face-to-face psychotherapy. The reason for these limitations is that emails and chat-room and Skype are only thechnical means of communication, but they cannot replace the traditional setting, the physical clinic. This explains the main line of criticism agains it. But online therapy has many advantages that enables millions of people that had no access to psychotherapy due to phisical limitations or the fear of the stigma to approach therapy. 

Dr. Green developed the first and only online clinic that both documents the therapeutic process and maintains clients’ confidentiality. The online clinic is a revolutionary development in online psychotherapy, since it includes all advantages of face-to-face psychotherapy. The online clinic creates a new kind of therapeutic relationship in a safe place for the therapeutic interaction, integrating all kinds of online communication. Dr. Green’s book, The Online Clinic, Therapeutic Relationships in Online Therapy, will be published soon.

The diploma programs are based on three certificate courses, 44 hours of learning and training each (Total learning hours: 132) and they are based on simulations and practice in the online clinic. 

There are two diploma programs for experienced therapists: 

Dror Green’s new method of Emotional Training (Books, Publishers & the Institute of Emotional Training, 2011) is based on a new approach to human nature. This method, based on the research of the classical ground rules of psychotherapy, defines the seven emotional skills that enable us to create a sense of a safe place in our relationships with reality, with others and with ourselves. The method of Emotional Training enabled Dr. Green to create the online clinic as a safe place for online therapy and it also serve for creating therapeutic relationships in the online setting.

After completing the program successfuly, therapists can join the therapist's list in psychom and work with their clients in the online clinic.  



 Dr. Dror Green, Online Psychotherapist





Dror Green, Ph.D.

Dr. Dror Green was the founder and director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy in Israel. He has taught psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors and educators in various psychotherapy schools in Israel: Technion school of psychotherapy, Rambam hospital, Zfat college school of psychotherapy in Zfat hospital, faculty of health in Ben Gurion university. He has also served as academic consultant to the Ministry of Education in Israel. He is the founder and director of the Institute of Emotional Training in Bulgaria.He maintains a private practice, teaches, lectures, and supervises. He has developed the new method of Emotional Training, which focuses on developing and improving natural emotional skills (in interpersonal relationships for couples, parents, professionals, directors and those coping with trauma).

Dr. Green completed his MA and Ph.D studies in psychotherapy in Regent’s College, City University, London, and he is a member of the UKCP (The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). He graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music (composition) and the Hebrew University (Philosophy and musicology). As one of the pioneers in online psychotherapy, he has developed the first online clinic and has extensively researched the field of online therapy and therapeutic relationship in online setting. Since 2000 he works online with PTSD veterans.

He is the author of about 40 books, including children’s books, novels, short stories and professional books in psychotherapy: Freud versus Dora and the Transparent Model of Case Studies, (Modan Pbulishers, 1999), Psychotherapy, Consumers' Guide, (Books, Publishers, 2003). Another View of Psychotherapy, (Books, Publishers, 2006)Emotional Training, (The institute of Emotional Training, 2011),The Case of Freud's Case Studies (in preparation),The Online Clinic - Therapeutic Relationship in Online Therapy (in preparation), Ground Rules and Relationship in Psychotherapy (in preparation). He is the editor of the Hebrew edition of Freud`s case studies.