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Diploma in Online Therapy


Online Therapy and Emotional Training for PTSD

A training program in online therapy and the treatment of trauma (OTPTSD)


Course Director: Dror Green, Ph.D


In the last 15 years online psychotherapy has become a legitimate branch of psychotherapy, recognized by professional unions and accepted by a new generation of online clients. Dr. Dror Green was one of the pioneers in online therapy, and he practices it since 1999. He dedicated his Ph.D research to online therapy and defined the unique characteristics of this new approach to therapeutic relationship. Dr. Green developed the first and only online clinic that both documents the therapeutic process and maintains clients’ confidentiality. The online clinic is a revolutionary development in online psychotherapy, since it includes all advantages of face-to-face psychotherapy. The online clinic creates a new kind of therapeutic relationship in a safe place for the therapeutic interaction, integrating all kinds of online communication. Dr. Green’s book, The Online Clinic, Therapeutic Relationships in Online Therapy, will be published soon.

Online communication is the best setting for PTSD victims, since it enables them to interact anonymously or in the confidential setting of the online clinic without leaving their houses. Dr. Dror Green’s new method of Emotional Training (Books, Publishers & the Institute of Emotional Training, 2011) is a unique approach for treating post-trauma. Dr. Green is a PTSD veteran, and since 2000 he devotes his time to supporting PTSD victims and their relatives in support groups, family therapy and individual therapy. This new approach is based on the assumption that PTSD is not pathologic and not an illness that can be cured, but a severe damage. PTSD is a severe damage to the emotional process, the process that enables us to attune ourselves to changes in reality, to avoid states of anxiety and to create a sense of a safe place. Emotional Training is a practical method of identifying and improving the damaged emotional skills, in order to rebuild integration which is essential for personal and social life. 

The diploma course and training will take place in a unique online learning space, which demonstrates the actual work in the online clinic. The course is planned for 8-15 experienced therapists who hold a master’s degree in psychotherapy, clinical psychology, counseling or social work and are members of professional organizations (or licensed, in USA).

Tuition: €2,200.


After completing the course successfuly, therapists can join the therapist's list in psychom and work with their clients in the online clinic.  

The Diploma course includes three certificate programs. Each certificate program comprises 11 sessions of 4 hours each (44 hours of learning and training. Total: 132 hours):  


Certificate OTPTSD 1 – Introduction to Online Psychotherapy

This course focuses on the basics of online therapy. Students will be introduced to the technical aspects of online therapy and their impact of therapeutic processes and therapeutic relationships:

  • The history of online psychotherapy.
  • Various types of online setting for psychotherapy.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the various types of online therapy.
  • Online support groups.
  • Online individual therapy.
  • Online group therapy.
  • Ethical aspects and codes of ethics for online therapy.


Certificate OTPTSD 2 – Therapeutic Relationship in the Online Clinic

This course focuses on the unique online clinic regarding the new quality of online therapeutic interaction:

  • Ground rules of psychotherapy and the new online setting.
  • The seven emotional skills and the architecture of the online clinic.
  • The seven emotional skills and online therapeutic relationships.
  • Various means of communication.
  • The role of documentation.
  • Text-based interaction.
  • The online clinic as a safe place for the therapeutic interaction.


Certificate OTPTSD 3 – Online Therapy in practice

This course focuses on the integration of online therapy and Emotional Training as an effective method of supporting and rehabilitating PTSD victims: 


  • The classical diagnosis and the new definition of post-trauma.
  • The advantages of online therapy to PTSD victims.
  • The online clinic as a learning environment and supporting space for rehabilitating damaged emotional skills.
  • Online support group for PTSD victims.
  • Online individual therapy for PTSD victims.
  • Online support for families of PTSD victims. 


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 Dr. Dror Green, Online Psychotherapist





Dror Green, Ph.D.

Dr. Dror Green was the founder and director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy in Israel. He has taught psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors and educators in various psychotherapy schools in Israel: Technion school of psychotherapy, Rambam hospital, Zfat college school of psychotherapy in Zfat hospital, faculty of health in Ben Gurion university. He has also served as academic consultant to the Ministry of Education in Israel. He is the founder and director of the Institute of Emotional Training in Bulgaria.He maintains a private practice, teaches, lectures, and supervises. He has developed the new method of Emotional Training, which focuses on developing and improving natural emotional skills (in interpersonal relationships for couples, parents, professionals, directors and those coping with trauma).

Dr. Green completed his MA and Ph.D studies in psychotherapy in Regent’s College, City University, London, and he is a member of the UKCP (The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). He graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music (composition) and the Hebrew University (Philosophy and musicology). As one of the pioneers in online psychotherapy, he has developed the first online clinic and has extensively researched the field of online therapy and therapeutic relationship in online setting. Since 2000 he works online with PTSD veterans.

He is the author of about 40 books, including children’s books, novels, short stories and professional books in psychotherapy: Freud versus Dora and the Transparent Model of Case Studies, (Modan Pbulishers, 1999), Psychotherapy, Consumers' Guide, (Books, Publishers, 2003). Another View of Psychotherapy, (Books, Publishers, 2006)Emotional Training, (The institute of Emotional Training, 2011),The Case of Freud's Case Studies (in preparation),The Online Clinic - Therapeutic Relationship in Online Therapy (in preparation), Ground Rules and Relationship in Psychotherapy (in preparation). He is the editor of the Hebrew edition of Freud`s case studies.