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On this therapists' directory you can find the right therapist (psychotherapist, clinical psychologist , psychiatrist, etc.) with the appropriate expertise (individual therapy, children, couple's therapy, family therapy, etc.), personal experience, language, schedule and location.

Any therapist can be included in the directory free of charge. All that is necessary is to present reliable information about himself or herself for anyone who is searching for a therapist.

Each therapist is presented here by a personal page on which you can learn about his or her work, professional training, experience and fees. It is possible to correspond with some of the therapists on their personal forum, where they can respond to your questions.

The list of therapists should not be concidered a recommendation of the psychom site. Each therapist is responsible for the information that appears on his or her personal page.

You can join the therapists' directory free of charge, including a forum where you can meet your prospect clients.

By clicking on one of the categories on the left side a list of therapists will open. You can also search for the appropriate therapist by entering a combination of categories (therapist type + location + gender).
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