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alessia genziana lay

Degree: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Counseling and Human developmentProfession: psychotherapist, expert consultant
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License: in US, UK, ItalyExpiration: n/a
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Languages: english, italian
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Alessia Genziana Lay

Via Prunizzedda 49C- Sassari, Italy 07100

+39 333 90 16 710




Licensed Clinical Psychologist, n. PY3709, Washington Dept. Of Health, United States of America

Member of the British Psychological Society, fully licensed as Clinical Psychologist,  CPsychol  n. 162662

Licensed Psychotherapist,n. 2246 ,Italian Ministry of Health, Italy

Holder of Certification as Online Faculty

Member of Professional Translators network



Doctoral Degreein Clinical Psychology (PsyD), Argosy University, Chicago, IL, with honors

Trauma and Maltreatment Specialization

M.Edin Counseling and Human Development, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, with honors              

BS(Bachelor of Science) Double major Psychology/Sociology, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

International Baccalaureate (IB), Marymount International School, Rome, Italy



    *Bilingual native speakerof English and Italian

*Proficient in French




Clinical psychologist/Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Sassari, Italy

*ProvidePsychotherapy, mediation and consulting to individuals, couples, families and groups

*Work with a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, family dysfunction, relational difficulties, eating disorders, addictions, bipolar and personality disorders, sexual dysfunction, life transitions.

 *Favor an eclectic-integrative approach tailored to the client’s individual needs, drawing from elements of Cognitive-behavioral therapy, schema therapy, psychodynamics/object relations, existential therapy, solution-focused and brief therapy, Rational-Emotive therapy, systemic and structural family and couples work, hypnotherapy, attachment work, behavior therapy and Gestalt.

 *Provide services in Italian and in English (for expats)

*Private practice website: www.studiopsicoterapialay.it


Honorary Judge/Psychology Expert, Juvenile Court, Sassari, Italy

*Conduct interviews with minors who are perpetrators or victims of crime and report findings

* Conduct interviews relevant to investigations in juvenile cases (administrative and penal) with parents, social workers, witnesses, etc. and report findings 

*Liaison with relevant parties in juvenile cases/investigations including police, social workers, therapists, school officials and witnesses

*Advise legal judges with regard to psychologically relevant aspects of juvenile cases

*Serve on a 3-judge panel during juvenile trials; utilize psychological expertise to assess cases and recommend nature of  intervention

*Advise proper channels on designing personalized plans for juvenile offenders including specific prescriptions, limited personal freedom, rehabilitative measures (including rehab, assisted living, volunteering, training, etc.), psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation, mediation, etc.

*Participate and vote in jury chambers proceedings pertaining to juvenile cases (both cases in which the minor is the perpetrator of crimes including violent assault, robbery, sexual offenses, drug offenses, stalking, etc. and cases in which the minor is in personal jeopardy, including situations of abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, etc.)


Psychologist, Turning Point/ Surrey

*Psychologist in NHS (United Kingdom National Health Service)- commissioned project delivering online assessment, CBT and short-term therapy to GP referred individuals, www.psychologyonline.co.uk

*Provide brief cognitive-behavioral assessment and therapy to individuals on an online platform

*Liaison with referring General Practitioners to optimize patient care

*Common diagnoses include social anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, panic disorder and PTSD


Psychologist/LecturerAssociazione Labirinto,  Alghero, Italy

*  Design and implementation of group and individual interventions in area high schools aimed at mental health prevention with adolescents (focusing particularly on anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, family and relationship issues, stress management)

*  Plan and facilitate conferences and lectures on mental health topics for students, families and the local community on a variety of mental health issues

* Provide information and support services to families living with relatives with serious psychological or psychiatric difficulties


Faculty Member, Breyer State University- Los Angeles, CA

*Teach online doctoral level courses in psychology, neuropsychology, counseling, psychology of trauma, psychology of violence

*Responsible for designing the Accelerated MA and PhD programs in grief and loss counseling

*Serve as advisor and dissertation chair for doctoral students

*Gained valuable experience designing several courses

*Gained skills in reviewing and editing course syllabi and adjusting them to meet appropriate format and content standards (e.g., to comply with CA accreditation requirements)


Psychology Consultant, freelance

*Act as Consultant for Writers/Actors/Graphic Designers and Sports Psychology Consultant

*Specialize in helping writers/actors/graphic designers enhance the psychological accuracy, credibility and/or effectiveness of their works (for example, for characterization in fiction or acting or effective message delivery in advertisement

 *Provide consultation/support services to amateur football club; serve as executive board member; work closely with administration, coaches and staff to optimize business strategies, inter and intra agency relationships and athletic performance of club members.


Freelance Translator (Italian to English and English to Italian)

*Experienced and highly skilled translator with 15+ years of experience in a wide range of translation fields, expert in technical translations (medical, legal, social science, advertisement, etc.)

*Specialized in translating, editing and proofreading professional articles for the purpose of publication in juried journals

*Provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services at professional and academic conferences in various fields as well as to individuals and companies during business meetings

*Provide translations of books for publishing companies as well as web page content translation services

*Provide sworn translations of various documents (academic, legal and medical)


Freelance Interpreter /Sworn Translator

*Provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services at professional and academic conferences in various fields

*Provide interpreting services for individuals and companies during business meetings

*Provide sworn translations of various documents (academic, legal and medical) at Sassari Municipal Court

*Serve as interpreter during court proceedings with English-speaking defendants at Sassari Municipal Court




Therapist, Northern Arizona University Counseling and Testing Center- Flagstaff, AZ

*Maintained a caseload of clients for outpatient individual and couples therapy focusing on a variety of issues

*Co-designed and co-led a several therapy groups focusing on special issues such as “young women with eating disorders”, “survivors of sexual trauma”, “exploring the connection between family of origin dynamics and current relationships”           

*Maintained on-call crisis shifts to handle emergency situations such as accidents/bereavement, assaults and suicidal ideation/attempts; collaborated with hospital staff and police

*Performed clinical assessments and psychological evaluations, including for special purposes such as substance dependence and aggressive behavior incidents.


Therapist intern, Chicago Bureau of Mental Health- Northwest Community Mental Health Center-Chicago, IL

*Maintained a caseload of clients for outpatient therapy in a busy Chicago mental health centerwith a variety of presenting issue ranging from mild depression to personality disorders and bipolar disorder with psychotic features; delivered services to dual diagnosis clients and clients with developmental delays.

* Worked closely with staff psychiatrist and medical doctor to coordinate therapeutic protocols

*Designed and facilitated therapy group for depressed adults, delivered mental health lectures to client families on specific topics such as “understanding bipolar disorders” and “understanding co-dependency”.

*Delivered off-site, in-home therapy to obese, bedridden clients



Psychological Evaluation Specialist, Thresholds Project, Parenting Assessment Team, Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Worked within an assessment team conducting in-depth evaluations of abusive and/or mentally ill parents in order to determine parenting competency and make recommendations to juvenile court.

* Conducted detailed diagnostic and assessment interviews with physically, sexually and psychologically abusive parents/caretakers

* Reviewed, summarized and evaluated extensive case records (incl. medical records, previous psych records, police reports, etc. pertaining to both parents and children).

* Observed and evaluated parent-child interactions both in controlled environment and in supervised home visits

* Administered and scored specialized test batteries aimed at evaluating clients’ mental health status and abusive tendencies/behaviors. Conceptualized and wrote case reports. Formulated case recommendations for court.


Faculty Member, Northcentral University, Prescott, AZ

 *Responsible for designing and overseeing a course on the Psychology of Trauma

 *Online faculty member, doctoral level psychology program


Court Appointed Translator, Flagstaff Municipal Court, Flagstaff, AZ.

*Performed simultaneous translation form English to Italian and vice versa during meetings between defendant and lawyers, as well as during court proceedings and probation meetings.


Company Translator, Delfino Editor, Sassari, Italy

*Provided written and oral translations for major publishing company

*Managed English-language business contacts for company


Progetto Triangolo(Triangle Project), Sassari, Italy

*Participated in city-wide project to sensitize teachers to psychological and health-related issues

in schools.

*Designed & conducted a series of workshops for high school teachers focusing on adolescent

psychology and group dynamics

*Presented lectures on depression and anxiety disorders in adolescent populations

*Conducted workshops on various mental health topics for high school students

around the city


United Helpers Nursing Home, Canton, NY (internship)

*Provided individual counseling for residents of a geriatric care facility


Department of Social Services, Child Protection Unit, Canton, NY (internship)

*Reviewed and evaluated child abuse/neglect cases




Hold certification of participation in numerous seminars, continuing education courses and workshops providing professional development




* In psychology: trauma and violence; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; long term sequelae of maltreatment; the psychology of religion and psychologically abusive religious practices; Integrative/Eclectic/Systemic approaches to psychotherapy; group psychotherapy; personality disorders; the psychology of creativity.

*Leading professional workshops and individual consultation programs for writers and artists seeking to enhance the psychological accuracy and credibility of their work

*Subtitling and translation of fiction, comedy, slang, particularly for television and film

* Interpreting, technical translations (medical/ psychological) and preparation of professional articles for       publication (translation, editing, proofreading)

* Distance learning, course design, supervision for psychology trainees




• Travel and adventure

• Hiking, mountain-biking

• Nature photography

•Coaching youth soccer





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