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Dr. Dror Green

Our brain is the most sophisticated computer, in which our emotional process plays a central role. Emotional Training is a software that improves the functionality of the emotional proces. The book Emotional Training is a practical guide to emotional management.
The myth of the 'mind' and the belief in the separation between body and mind have been the corner stones of Western culture for more than 2,000 years, but they remain vague. Dr. Dror Green has defined a new, revolutionary concept of human nature that regards emotions as physical responses to stimuli from reality. This concept is compatible with new researches in neuroscience and the understanding that empathy is inborn. The emotional process is not a mystical concept, as is customarily assumed, but the autopilot that navigates our lives, warns us of dangers and directs us to a safe place.
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                   Dr. Dror Green

Thirty years after Antoin de Saint-Exuperi met the little prince in the Sahara Desert, the little prince met Dror Green in the Sinai desert, during the war between Israel and Egypt. For hours they recalled the little prince's journey and his encounters with special people, each representing a facet of the cruel and selfish nature of capitalism.
The encounter with the little prince enabled Dr. Dror Green, who developed the method of Emtional Training, to review the common conservative concept of human nature. They both rejected the belief that human nature is selfish, and suggested a new approach based on empathy, sharing and love. 
Dr. Dror Green practices the method of Emotional Training in his everyday live. He lives with his wife and four children in a small village in Bulgaria, wher they run seminars for groups and couples, with whom they share their lives and experience. He is a psythotherapist, musician, painter and the author of 45 books for children, adults and professionals.

Dror Green

ABC of Israeli Apartheid

The alphabet of Israeli racism

Dror Green / Israeli Apartheid

Most Israelis believe that they live in a democratic state, although there is no constitution and 25% of the population has no equal rights. Religious laws control family lives, marriages and divorces, food supply, burial and labor laws. Jews cannot marry Christians or Muslims, and Palestinian Israelis cannot live in a Jewish communal settlement. The population of Israel includes 5.8 million Jews and almost 2 million Palestinians. Although these Palestinians are Israeli citizens, they have no equal rights by low, and they live separately from the Jewish citizens. Israel also controls the lives of about 4 million people in the occupied territories in the west bank and Gaze. These people have no human rights, no freedom of movement or freedom of speech or even the right to life, liberty and security. 

The Israeli apartheid is not only the official policy of the government. It has deep roots in the Israeli culture and most Jewish Israelis accept it as part of their lives. 

The book undermines the image of Israel as a democratic state, and reveals the racial substructure of Zionism. It presents the paradoxical character of the Israeli culture, and the basic racist assumptions, which are accepted by all levels of Israeli society. It identifies Israeli racism as a disease, not as an ideology. 

The book is a personal testimony by a member of Israeli society, whose family has lived there for ten generations, and who has witnessed the degeneration of his culture from childhood. It is an authentic eye witness account of one who cannot be accused of anti-Semitism. The book presents 100 common words in contemporary Hebrew (in alphabetic order), and reveals their hidden racist meaning. 

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