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I started psychom  in 2003, after experiencing online psychotherapy since 1999. There were no online clinics then, and psychom was meant to fill this gap and create a safe place for online psychotherapy. I learned a lot from my experience as an online therapist, and designed the online clinice so it will serve clients better than face-to-face traditional therapy.

Since then I kept developing and improving the online clinic, and in 2011 I started the new psychom site. The new online clinic includes all kinds of online communications, through written messages, chat and forum to video-chat.

The online clinic is an inovating platform for communication and interaction. I use if for therapeutic interactions with my clients, for group support and for training other online therapists. I do seminars and couses through the online clinic, and also open discussions for the public.

In the new psychom site you can meet me for regular psychotherapy or for a special consultation, while keeping your confidentiality. You can find the appropriate time in my schedule page, and pay by credit card through PayPal.

In the open forum you can consult with me concerning psychotherapy, online therapy and my new approach of Emotional Training.

You can read my personal page by clicking on my name of picture.



      Dr. Dror Green