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Dr. Dror Green

I was born in Jerusalem in 1954. I am happily married to Efrat, and we have two sons and two daughters. We live in a beautiful little village in Bulgaria, where I have founded the 'Institute of Emotional Training'.
I hold an MA and PhD in psychotherapy (Regent's College, City University, London). I graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music (composition) and the Hebrew University (philosophy and musicology). I am a member of UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy): 
I am the founder and director of the Institute of Emotional Training and Cogito School of Psychotherapy. I maintain a private practice, teach, lecture, and supervise. I have developed my own psychotherapeutic approach, Emotional Training, which focuses on developing and improving our natural emotional skills (in interpersonal relationships for couples, parents, professionals and those coping with trauma). I wrote many books for professionals, for children and for adults.
As one of the pioneers in online psychotherapy, I have developed the first online clinic and have extensively researched the field of online psychotherapy.
I have taught psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors and educators in various psychotherapy schools (Technion school of psychotherapy in Rambam hospital, Zfat college school of psychotherapy in Zfat hospital, faculty of health in Ben Gurion university, Cogito School of Psychotherapy). I have also served as academic consultant to the Ministry of Education in Israel.
I am the author of about forty books, including children's books, novels, short stories, and professional psychotherapy texts.
My book Freud versus Dora and the Transparent Model of the Case Study, was published in 1998 (Modan Pbs). My book Psychotherapy: A Consumer’s Guide was published in 2003 (Books Pbs). Another View of Psychotherapy was published in 2007 (Books Pbs). My book Emotional Training was published in 2011 (Books Pbs and Kindle). The Case of Freud’s Case Studies will be published in 2013 (Books Pbs). The Online Clinic: Therapeutic Relationships in Online Psychotherapy will be published in 2013 (Books Pbs). Ground Rules in Psychotherapy will be published in 2013 (Books Pbs). I am the editor of the 'Library for Psychotherapy' in 'Books, Publishers', where Freud's case studies were first published in Hebrew.
I write and illustrate children's books. Twenty-two of these have been published in Hebrew, including a book on thinking methods for the Ministry of Education.
In 1989 my book The Intifada Tales, the first book on the Palestinian uprising, was published (Books Pbs). The Arabic translation was published in 1990.
My collection of poems,The River of Love (Modan Pbs) were published in 1990. 
My novella His End, His Eternal Rest, His Death (Shoken Publishing House) was published in 1992 .
My novel Crew No. 4 (Keter Publishing House) was published in 1992.
My collection of stories Cassiopeia's Dancing Party (Books Pbs) was published in 1993.
My book Back to Crew No. 4 (Books Pbs) was published in 2006.
My book ABC of Israeli Apartheid was published in 2005. The English translation was published in 2011
My book The Vision of Dual Nationality was published in 2005.
In 1989 I served as curator for an exhibition of Desert Photographs by Neil Folberg  that was held at the Museum of Bedouin Culture. The exhibition has also been shown at the Eretz Israel Museum and in the Jerusalem Theatre Gallery.
In 1992 I served as curator for an exhibition of Joseph Hirsch drawings, at the Avraham Baron Art Gallery, Ben-Gurion University. The exhibition has also been shown in Herzliya Museum and in the Artists' House, Jerusalem.
I am also engaged in the development of ideas, mind games and inventions, some of which have been registered as patents. More than 500,000 TRIXXY Puzzles, which I invented, have been sold worldwide. 

Dr. Dror Green, 9 Chorbadjiyska Machala, Dvorishte Village, Kyustendil Region 2541, Bulgaria. Tel: 00359-7926-2203