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Dr. Dror Green, Online Psychotherapist

Welcome to psychom, the first online clinic


Online psychotherapy or online counseling  is a magical new world, enabling millions of people to access information, find support, professional psychotherapy and counseling. In psychom  I have developed the first online clinic for psychotherapy, that both documents the therapeutic process and maintains clients' confidentiality. The online clinic is a safe place for the therapeutic interaction, while integrating all kinds of online communication, in writing or through video-conferencing.

In psychom I wish to share with you the knowledge I have been acquiring since 1999, as one of the pioneers in this new field. I will also share with you my knowledge as a specialist in various psychotherapeutic approaches. In psychom you will find information regarding psychotherapy and the therapeutic interaction. The open forum will give you the opportunity to consult with me about psychotherapy and online psychotherapy at any time.
In psychom's library you will find books and papers concerning psychotherapy. 
Each of us experiences crises during our lives, due to problems in interpersonal relationships, as the result of unexpected events, or as a part of just coping with reality, and each of us sometimes needs a listening ear and a supportive environment. I invite you to find a home here and use this site as a source of information and support.
You can copy texts and photographs from this site for noncommercial purposes, with a reference.