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How much does it cost?

The cost for online psychotherapy is 10-20% lower than that for face-to-face therapy, since the therapist has less expenses due to maintaining a clinic and also saves time of travelling to the clinic.

Actually, the cost of online therapy is significantly lower than face-to-face therapy. When you choose online therapy you save an average three hours on each therapy session. You also save the cost of transportation. If you calculate travel time, you will find that online therapy may save you as much as 50-70% of the cost of traditional psychotherapy.

My fee is based on a series of eight sessions, that may be expanded when necessary.

The fee for eight sessions: 1600 Euro (200 Euro per meeting).

The fee for a single consultation, or for an initial meeting to examine the possibility of online therapy: 300 Euro.

The fees include the maintenance of the online clinic (including a special forum that documents the process). You can also maintain the forum after the end of therapy, for 20 Euro per year.


You can meet me on the open forum and ask for more information regarding online therapy.

If you choose to start a series of online therapy sessions, please write to me: 


         Dr. Dror Green